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To be accountable to its membership by providing the best advisory and support services. We also believe Western Cree Tribal Council will be self-sustaining by creating employment and economic opportunities. 


Western Cree Tribal Council will continue to strive for excellence in Program Delivery by encouraging human resources to maximize their potential. 
Strive for open communication process that clearly represents the responsibilities of all parties that encompass WCTC as an organization.

Western Cree Tribal Council

Serving the communities of Duncan's First Nation, Horse Lake First Nation and Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation.  The Western Cree Tribal Council (WCTC) is a non-profit organization which is an association of autonomous member First Nations. 

The primary purpose of WCTC is to assist members and to act on behalf of member First Nations at the request of, and under the direction of, the member First Nations.  It is the purpose of Western Cree Tribal Council to encourage, facilitate, and work towards improving the unity and cooperation amongst member First Nations and between itself and other Governments as well as to generally assist members, collectively and separately, to achieve their goals in all areas including:  Self Government, Aboriginal Rights, Land Claims as well as economic, social, health, cultural, technical services and educational development.


Although Western Cree Tribal Council supports our First Nation Members in business endeavors and development, unfortunately Western Cree Tribal Council is not in the position to offer financial support via loans or grants or other financial aid.  We do however wish you much success and will gladly assist you in obtaining information regarding programs and services that may be able to assist you.   

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