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The Tribal Council was formed under the Department of Aboriginal Affairs of Northern Development Canada (AANDC) devolution policy to coordinate and deliver services devolved from INAC to First Nation communities at the local level. Western Cree Tribal Council is a First Nation organization dedicated to delivering services devolved or handed over from the federal and provincial governments to First Nation communities. WCTC’s main roles deal with the coordination and delivering of services to three First Nation communities. The three First Nation communities of the WCTC are: Duncan’s First Nation, Horse Lake First Nation and Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation. 


The Western Cree Tribal Council is community driven and receives its direction from and is accountable to the Chiefs of the Three First Nation communities we serve, who make up the organization's Board of Directors. All senior staff reports to the Chief Executive Officer who heads up the organization and is also responsible for the employment and training portfolio. The Western Cree Tribal Council headquarters is centrally located in Sturgeon Lake with a sub office in Grande Prairie which is necessary to accommodate the organization's operation and to service its three nearby First Nation communities. A dedicated and professional staff, provides easy access and competent administration, coordination and delivering of services for its First Nation members.

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